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Norfolk Room Additions

Norfolk Room Additions There are many factors to consider when thinking of adding on to your home; considering resale values is one of them. Compare your existing home to your neighborhood, if your home is smaller than most or close to average, then adding on could help when it comes time to sell your home. However, for many homeowners who need more space, moving may not be the answer. They would rather stay in their established neighborhood in a home that they love; this is consideration enough for their addition project. For them, customizing their home to meet their current needs is the best option.

Most Norfolk room additions consist of extending the size of your home by adding the new room to an exterior wall. Popular room additions are bedrooms or master suites. However, family rooms, powder rooms, atria, and studies/studios can easily be included depending on the needs of the family. A growing trend in today's society is to add comfortable, private spaces for aging parents, while sharing the traditional family areas.

Our Room Addition Services:

  • New Bedrooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Bathroom Addition
  • Master Suites

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