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Norfolk Masonry Remodeling Experts

masonry remodeling norfolk William Anna Contracting has been working to restore and remodel homes in the Norfolk area for 24 years, so when you need masonry work done for your Norfolk remodeling project, you know you can count on having beautiful masonry work that's perfectly suited for your home. Our masonry specialists are experts in their field and are true craftsmen and artists.

Masonry work takes years of experience to perfect, even though our contractors make the work look quick and easy. You'll have beautiful stonework that's custom designed to meet your remodeling needs. We're also very experienced at matching your current stonework or brickwork, so when you need additional masonry work done for an addition to your Norfolk home, you'll get the very best in the area. Our William Anna Contracting masonry specialists can handle all your masonry needs during your remodeling.

Masonry Repairs For Your Remodeling

There are times when your home may need to have masonry repair work done during your remodeling. This will require an experienced masonry craftsman who knows and understands the materials of your home. You may have natural stone, marble or granite walls or flooring, patio or hardscape areas, or stone, brick, or rock siding. Over time, these materials can become damaged or get too old and need replacing or repairs. No matter where or what type of masonry needs you have, we're ready to get the repairs done for you.

Masonry Remodeling Additions

Adding on to your Norfolk home may mean that your remodeling project requires additional masonry work to add on to your home. Your original brick or other masonry siding types may need to be matched in order for the addition to blend well with the old parts of your home. Other times you may not have to be concerned with matching because the areas of your home you're adding onto don't involve old masonry work that needs to be joined with new. In that case, you'll just need a great design for the addition that includes masonry work. Whether your addition requires matching of the old materials or not, we can handle any situation the remodeling project requires.

Masonry Flooring, Hardscapes, & More

There's so many areas of your home that can look beautiful with the addition of natural stone, brick, stucco, or other masonry work. Let us help you figure out a great design that includes some of these natural elements to enhance your home. You could have a brand new floor, patio area, garden walls, retaining walls, new stone or stucco siding, beautiful marble in your kitchen and bathrooms, or anything you desire when it comes to masonry Home Improvement work.

William Anna Contracting is Norfolk's premier remodeling company with the expert stone masons you're looking for! Be thinking of some ideas and take a look at our "Specials" area of our website because we provide discounts and coupons from time to time to help you save money on your masonry or other remodeling needs!

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