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Virgina Green Kitchen Remodeling Trends

At a time when the environment and climate change, are issues in our daily lives, environmentally friendly kitchen remodeling trends can be very helpful, when considering a renovation. The kitchen is the heart of the family home, and needs to be both functional and family friendly. By following these trends, remodeling a kitchen can be achieved without harm to the environment.

There are several basic environmental issues which need to be addressed when remodeling a kitchen. Resource conservation, the management of the world’s resources, for the benefit of both this generation and for future generations, is a high priority. The supply of energy to the public, is not environmentally sustainable, as consumers, the efficiency of lighting and appliances is an important choice. When renovating a kitchen, the environmental war cry, ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ should ring out. In the redesign, a way to incorporate these issues, should be ensured.

Supplying materials for a renovation, provides lots of opportunities to be environmental. By sourcing reused or recycled materials, from specialist suppliers, can provide a house with character, and the project with a lower bill. When new materials are to be used, sourcing from reputable and environmentally sustainable sources is desirable. Dramatic results can be obtained when using old furniture, in unusual places. Another resource which needs to be conserved is drinking water. Modern technology is providing ways of managing water supply and use within the house, to conserve water and help environmental reserves to remain.

The prime use of a kitchen is to prepare food, therefore any appliances need to be functional. However, the energy usage of a kitchen also needs to be considered. The mains energy use of a kitchen can be reduced greatly, when a micro-generation plant is in use. Micro-generation, using solar and wind generators, can reduce a households power costs greatly. By using electrical appliances, within the kitchen, the appliances may be able to run for free.

The choice of appliances available is staggering. However, additional factors need to be considered before purchase. If the appliances are oil or gas powered, the cost of running those appliances is likely to rise, as the reserves of gas and oil are now diminishing. When choosing appliances, the energy efficiency rating should be examined, to ensure a reduction in green house gases is achieved.

Most households recycle and compost regularly, but it can be time consuming. By incorporating, recycling and composting repositories, directly into the kitchen design, the waste stream can be managed more efficiently. By being able to separate waste at the point of consumption, instead of having to sort it as an after-thought, the processes of recycling and composting will go more smoothly.

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