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Tips For Hiring A Norfolk Remodeling Contractor

hiring a norfolk remodeling contractor

The choice you make when hiring a Norfolk remodeling contractor will make a huge difference in the outcome of the project.

Once you decide upon the scope of the remodeling to be done, the process of contacting local contractors begins. Some homeowners interview 10 contractors before they make their decision.

If you don’t want to go through this time-consuming process, you can get estimates from at least three contractors. Make sure that they break down details on a written estimate so you can see how much each item will cost.

For instance, you will want to know details such as the labor and materials cost of wood flooring for the dining room, tile flooring in the entry and bathrooms, and how much they will charge for special materials such as underfloor heating.

A common mistake is to choose the first contractor before looking further. You will make a better decision on which contractor will be the best if you compare certain things such as cost, how they handle the project, and whether they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

When you talk with a Norfolk remodeling contractor, be sure to ask all the questions you need in order to feel comfortable with your choice.

Choosing A General Contractor For Remodeling

When hiring contractors, be sure that you feel confident that they can perform each type of job involved in the project. For instance, someone who does the exterior rock and concrete work should be an experienced mason. Whether you desire wood flooring or laminate flooring, you need a flooring contractor who is experienced at installing your choices in floor materials. And, for special installations such as using underfloor heating, be sure they know exactly what they are doing with new options that are on the market today.

For quality work, you end up hiring a contractor for each project. It saves money if one contractor can take care of all projects. Unless you choose a reputable general contractor who hires all the contractors for the project for you, you will need to do a lot of work to choose each with great care. A general contractor is responsible for the project from start to finish including the quality of the workmanship involved.

Just because the project is fully managed, however, it doesn’t mean you are left out of the project. You still have complete control over the details. Make sure your general contractor communicates well and will partner with you by providing their expert advice so you can make the best decisions.

As About Warranties & Guarantees

Always ask the remodeling contractor if they back their workmanship with a guarantee. Also, if they recommend a certain brand or type of product for installation, ask for warranty details. You need to know that you are protected as a homeowner if something should go wrong.

Licensing & Insurance

Make sure your remodeling contractor is fully licensed in the state of Virginia and is properly insured, like our professionals here at William Anna Contracting. A general contractor is licensed as a general contractor in the county. Many construction fields require licensing, but not all.

A contractor who is remodeling your home should apply for building permits and pass inspections for the work. Don’t allow anyone to work on your home unless they see to it that the work will pass inspection.

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