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Ideas for Basement Remodeling in Norfolk

Norfolk basements are a feature unique to certain parts of the country. Many areas at or below sea level cannot accommodate the existence of rooms below the ground level due to poor soil or excessive moisture. Northern Virginia homes have the ability to sustain basements. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not use this space to its fullest. It often lies dormant and unused while the rest of the home is cramped and cluttered. The basement often has a stigma of being a place that is too scary for children, too cold for grown-ups and too bare and uninviting to entertain guests.

A Norfolk basement remodeling project can eliminate the stereotypes often associated with the basement and create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that relieves the space limitations of the rest of the home. There are many options for what to do with this space. It can be divided into a number of different rooms or the spacious area can be used for something that demands a great deal of room all by itself. It may require upgrades in plumbing and electrical, but in the long run it is less expensive and more practical than moving into another home.

Children often love to have a space to call their own. A large room with cozy carpeting, a finished ceiling and age-appropriate wall décor can transform the basement from a place to be afraid of into a fun room to play with friends. Add special shelves for toy storage and an entertainment system cove for movies and music. Another alternative is an area for bouncing balls or remote controlled cars – activities that require a durable, hard surface to play on that is not as sterile and harsh as concrete.

As the number of children in a household grows, the need for more bedrooms grows as well. This might be the time and place for the teenager to finally claim a room of their own, away from little brothers and sisters that they find so aggravating. A few walls coordinated with a new ceiling and modern carpeting can become a teen’s paradise.

When there seems to be no space left for storage, a portion of the divided basement can host shelving units. Some Northern Virginia residential remodeling companies offer the services of a carpenter that can design and build a custom shelf system. This can reduce the clutter and disorganization elsewhere in the home.

Some people would say that, next to storage, bathrooms are the most important feature in a home. Creating a bathroom in the basement or adding a bath or shower to the existing one is often a practical use of space that can eliminate family squabbles and create added harmony, not to mention convenience.

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