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Norfolk Electrical Remodeling Services

Norfolk electrical Remodeling When it comes to your Norfolk home's electrical system, you need to have professional electrical contractors ready to help you if you're doing Norfolk remodeling or any other type of construction work where electrical systems will be involved. Your home is important and so is the safety of everyone inside. Having work done on your electrical system that is far from superior just won't do, so you'll want to know that the electrical contractors you need are fully licensed, experienced, and know all there is to know about the systems.

At William Anna Contracting in Norfolk, you'll only have skilled, professional electricians working on your home. Electrical remodeling work is important, and everything needs to be handled certain ways or there's a risk for electrical fires, shocks, and more. We'll ensure all your electrical systems are up to par and that everything that needs replacing or repair is handled. We can:

  • Move or reroute electrical systems
  • Upgrade panel boxes or move them
  • Lighting Redesigns
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Electrical Additions
  • New Electrical Designs & Installations

Reliable Electrical Contractors For Your Remodeling Projects

You'll have dependable, reliable electrical contractors when you call on William Anna Contracting. Our electricians have years of experience in the field and are licensed and insured. Plus, we know and understand the local Norfolk building code requirements and our work meets or exceeds them.

The Norfolk, Virginia area has many older homes that need to be updated or renovated. If you live in an older Norfolk home and you're wanting to remodel it, there may be electrical systems that need repair, rewiring, upgrading, or electrical system additions. If you notice any of the following electrical problems, you could need to have some rewiring or upgrades done.

  • Lights flickering
  • Outlets that are painted over
  • Loose connections at outlets
  • Switches that don't work
  • Wiring that's exposed or not properly covered
  • Tripping breakers at the box
  • Snaps, cracks, or sparks
  • or any general concern

New Lighting For Your Home's Remodeling

Adding additional lighting while remodeling or updating your home is a great idea because most homes just don't have sufficient lighting. Adding light to areas where you need to see best is important, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or workshop areas where you need to see well to avoid accidents. Lighting serves an aesthetic need, sure, but it's also important for your safety. We can help you get some great contemporary or traditional lighting that looks great in your home. At William Anna Contracting, we install all types of lighting and can repair your electrical wiring or whatever is needed during your restorations or general contracting projects. Be sure and take a look around our website for specials and discounts that can help you save money on your remodeling projects!

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